Amazing things have been happening! We have had a ton of fun with 29 days of filming under our belts. Our cast and crew have been astounding, and the prayers and support from everyone have blessed us greatly. We have also had our share of laughs on set 🙂

For a week we had Rusty Whitener, a famous actor from the hit TV show “Nashville” as well as 13 Christian films. Rusty was a true blessing and an amazing addition to our film.

Along with this, we had a real baptism on set! Our main actor is a recent Christian. We have a baptism in the film, and when we went to film it, we discovered he had not yet been baptized, but wanted to. So before filming, Rusty (a previous pastor) baptized him for real under his real name first. Then we redid it for the film. This was a miraculous work of God, and it encouraged greatly in doing His work.

School has begun and we are close to wrapping. We were provided with a new sound man recently, who has been of great service.

More updates to come. Thank you for your prayers and support!