Day 5 and 6 (Take Two)

Day 5 and 6 (Take Two)

Day 5 ~ This was a very special day, as our director was a featured actor. We filmed at the Commons in Bozeman; some of the Danny office scenes. We had some extras come out and we had a pretty good day. We even ended early. We also had some pretty hilarious moments....

Day 4 (Take Two)

Today was an amazing day with 2 major scenes. First we filmed a scene with Clay and Lisa (formerly Angie) at the Mint Bar in Belgrade.Later, we filmed a scene with Sophie, Michelle, and the Landlord in Bozeman. Our actors were fantastic, and we were especially amazed...

Day 3 (Take Two)

Day 3 was pretty exciting as it was our first interior scene, along with our first dialog scene. Our 2 main actors playing Clay and Michele amazed us with their talent. We shot at a cabin in Cottonwood Canyon that was absolutely gorgeous.

First Couple Days Of Filming (Take Two)

Day 1 started with our main character, Clay (played by Robert Rogers) on the Gallatin River. This one scene took all day but we got amazing shots. Day 2 was full and hot. We again took Clay and went on an adventure that started at 4 in the morning. Traveling through...

Casting Decisions

Casting selection process to begin this week for our film TAKE TWO! -Stand by-

Making exciting progress!

Casting Call

Attention all actors and actresses! We will be having open-call casting for the movie: TAKE TWO Mon June 20th, Tue 21st, and Thurs 23rd 6:30-9:30 PM Male & Female, all ages 3-60 205 Haggerty Lane Bozeman, MT 59715 Thank you!